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IF CONCERNED, ALWAYS CALL 911! If you are out of town and need to contact CMPD 911 dispatch, call (704)336-3237.   If you witness a crime, suspect a crime, or notice suspicious activity, don't hesitate - call 911! 


Foxcroft Community Watch (FCW) is a non profit 501(c)(4) neighborhood watch program whose mission is to promote community safety and deter crime.  FCW is funded through the generosity of FCW members during its annual spring fundraiser, however, donations are always welcome. Since 2008, this program is managed by neighborhood volunteers so most all of the funds we raise go directly towards paying our police officers. 


  • Officer Patrols
:  We employ police officers to service our neighborhood when they are off duty from their full time jobs at CMPD.  They periodically patrol the area in marked and unmarked police cars during various times of the day and night. One of our volunteers coordinates with CMPD to communicate any safety concerns, schedule patrols and compensate officers for their service.  

  • Zone Checks:  
Zone checks are offered to neighbors whereby officers can inspect the exterior of your home to check doors and windows to ensure your home is secure while you are out of town. Please send us a request at least one week in advance so we can communicate with our officers.  

  • Crime Reports and Crime Alerts:  FCW distributes periodic crime reports for our area which we email to you. In addition, CMPD will send us alerts of any recent trends in crimes so you are informed and prepared.  

  • Pet Alerts:  While alerting neighbors of lost and found pets falls outside community safety, it is a service FCW has offered since we were founded because we all love our pets!

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